Hip Flexors - Why Do You Have Back Pain?

Most people out there are unaware of their hip flexor muscles and how important they are. The hip flexors can be defined as a group of muscles that are attached to various other parts of your body like your back, pelvis, and glutes.  

They're utilized in numerous motions for stabilising and for big powerful movements like kicking. The point is the fact that these muscles are able to result in quite a great deal of issues, and you will not even realize it. The most popular situation that they cause is a terrible back, right here we are going to talk about why and how this occurs, and what you are able to do to relieve the issue.

Precisely why They Get Tight

Tight hip muscles are extremely prevalent among a lot of people, and to make matters even worse they usually don't know that it's happening. Your hip flexor muscles usually become tight and painful when you stay in a sitting position the entire day. If you're inside a chair the majority of the morning, then your hip flexors are going to find themselves in a shortened position. 

If your hip flexor muscles stay in a shortened position, they are most likely going to remain this way. Thus they are going to become tighter and tighter. This is an extremely common reason for back discomfort for desk workers.

In most cases, just doing simple hip flexor exercises that stretch out the hip flexors can help alleviate any pain or soreness in this area. For more on exercises to relieve hip flexor pain visit this website

Issues that Tight Hips Can Cause

If you have tight hip flexors then chances are you have pain in your lower back as a result. The reason most people with tight hips have back pain is because the muscles in your hip flexors are connected to the muscles in your back. 

If your hip flexors are too tight, then the discs in your lower back are under a great deal of stress due to the hip flexor muscle group pulling the back into a lordosis. What this really means is that the bottom is rolling out, and there's a big rounding out of the rear.

What to Avoid In The Gym

One way to avoid hip flexor pain is to stay away from the bike machine if you go to the gym to workout. Doing too many workouts on the bike machine at the gym will put your hip flexors in a seated position, which will cause these muscles to shorten up.

When you do go to the gym it's better to do some cardio standing up. Doing such exercises regularly will lengthen your hip flexor muscles which will relieve the tightness you're experiencing. 

How to Stretch Your Hip Flexors

If you're suffering from tight hip flexors it's always a good idea to stretch them out as much as you can. when you extend your hip flexors often you'll quickly unlock them and get relief from tightness and pain. 

The one great stretch that you need to use is to go on one knee, take the other leg of yours up to ninety degrees, and drive forward through the hips of yours. This focuses on your hip flexors. You are going to have to make sure you hold this stretch for a very long time to get the best results possible.